Step Motor

The step motor is an electric motor used when something has to be precisely positioned, or rotated at an exact angle. As the name says, the stepper motor moves in pitch, that is, it allows you to control your rotation at small angles. Its shaft rotates in strokes MUCFL204 bearings that are controlled by the electronic circuit connected to its input. Typically, pitch motors have windings which, in their simplest form, consist of four coils arranged in the stator at angles of 90 ° relative to one another.

The rotor is a small piece of ferromagnetic material that is a magnet. The stepper motor allows its axis to undergo precise displacements without the need for an external feedback made by some device attached to it. This distinguishes an open system. This open-loop operating characteristic is one of the most important because it allows rotation and stopping at predetermined points. It is necessary for the shaft to rotate a half turn by 180 °, so simply adjust the opening and closing sequence of the logic switches to get the displacement accurately.

DC Components

An electric motor of direct current converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and has a characteristic of its own, it must be fed with continuous voltage. This continuous voltage can be derived from batteries and motors in the case of small motors or from an alternating grid after grinding in the case of larger motors.

The main components of a direct current (DC) motor are described as:

– Stator: contains a winding (field), which is fed directly by a source of continuous voltage; in the case of small motors, the stator may be a simple permanent magnet;

– Rotor: contains a winding (armature), which is fed by a DC voltage source through the switch and graphite brushes;

– Switch: mechanical device (axially segmented copper tube) in which the ends of the armature turns are connected, in order to invert the direction of the direct current flowing in the armature.

The operation of DC motors is based on the principle of classical electromagnetism where: “A conductor carrying an electric current through a magnetic flux is subjected to a force of an electromagnetic nature” (Faraday).


Torque is the measure of the effort required to rotate an axis. It is often mistaken for “force”, which is one of the components of torque. It is the result of distance and force, also known as conjugate, moment, torque, and binary. Torque is responsible for the engine’s ability to produce driving force, ie, the rotary motion. By placing a load to be moved by an electric motor, the force it can make will be directly connected to the length of the lever from the center of the shaft. Therefore, we can not determine a fixed value for the force of an engine.

It is possible to know the maximum load that it can drive 096001.00 ac motor for each lever, when we specify the force relating it to the length of the lever, and thus determines the torque of this motor. Regardless of whether the engine is small or powerful, both will do the same job. We can consider torque as work because there is an applied force that allows the motor to produce the intended work. Therefore, the torque is what indicates the capacity of the engine to generate the work itself, due to the time, ie, the evolution of the engine revolutions, it is now called power.

Single Phase Induction Motors

Sometimes we have industrial and residential facilities where the power is made with two phases or phase-neutral, needing single-phase electric motors. The basic principles of single-phase motors are similar to those of MITs already described in another situation. Since there are only two phases or one phase and one neutral, several techniques are employed to produce the rotating magnetic field required for starting single-phase induction motors.

In this way, we present some techniques and also show that once the rotor of an MIM begins to rotate driven by the rotating field, 92741090 belt  it will remain in operation with the single-phase power supply. The rotor of a MIM is usually of the cage type and there is no physical connection between the rotor and the stator, but with a uniform air gap between them. The stator grooves are generally distributed and since a single-phase winding does not cause spinning field or starting torque, this winding is divided into two parts, each of which is displaced in space and time and usually with different characteristics. Thus we have two coils in parallel, both connected to the same source of alternating current.

Rated Torque

Rated torque is the torque provided by the motor on its live axle and rated currents. The maximum torque demands higher currents at the nominal current and therefore can not be supplied consecutively by the motor, it is intended to supply any load peaks. In this way, every induction motor has the capacity to provide a torque above the nominal for short periods of time. According to the standard, the engine must be capable of 60% over the rated torque for 15 seconds.

It should be noted that the Brazilian standard establishes categories of electric motors N, H, D, NY and HY. Each category institutes a particular form of torque curve X velocity. The choice of engine category is achieved by the type of load being driven. The catalog values ​​in general refer to normal category motors, designated as N. With respect to starting torque, it is important to check that it must be higher than the starting torque of the load, so that the engine can accelerate and reach rated speed. Equally important is the maximum torque, which determines what overload the motor can withstand for a limited time. mrosupply

Star-Triangle Match

In electric motors, Star-Triangle starter is an indirect starter type and can be used when the motor torque curve is satisfactorily high to ensure the speed of the machine with the reduced current. This happens in three-phase induction motors applied on circular saws, lathes or compressors that must start with open valves. The Star-Triangle match, as its name says, will start its triggering method always by the Star connection, and after a certain time, the winding connection goes to the Triangle type.

In the star connection, the starting current is reduced to 25 to 30% of the direct starting current. The essential condition for starting with the Star-Triangle switch is the possibility of connecting the three-phase double-voltage induction electric motor where to find skf bearing, ie 220 / 380V, 380 / 660V or 440 / 760V. It is also essential that the motors have at least six terminals for electrical connections with the natural supply network of the starting system, as it receives the three phases of the supply network and sends six conductors for its output.

Single Phase Field Motor Distorted

The single-phase distorted-field electric motor stands out among single-phase induction motors, because of the simplest, most reliable and economical starting method. The distorted field motors have low starting torque (15 to 50% nominal), low efficiency (35%) and low power factor (0.45). One of the most common constructive forms is that of protruding poles, and about 25% to 35% of each pole is captured by a shorted copper loop. The induced current of this loop causes the flow through it to suffer a delay in relation to the flow of the part not bonded by it.

The result of this is similar to a rotating field that moves in the direction of the non-interlaced part to the bonded part of the pole, producing torque which will cause the motor to break and achieve nominal rotation. The direction of rotation will depend on the side that is located on the part of the pole, so the distorted field motor has a single direction of rotation. This direction can be reversed by changing the position of the rotor shaft tip relative to the stator.


AC three-phase motors can have two types of rotors, the squirrel cage or short-circuit rotor, which is of the same type used in single-phase motors and the coiled rotor, which is not closed internally short and has its coils connected to the collector in which it is possible to connect a rheostat, which allows the regulation of the current circulating in the rotor. This provides a smooth starting and decreases the common current peak at motor starters.

Asynchronous AC three-phase induction electric motors usually work at a steady speed, which varies smoothly with the mechanical load applied to their axis. It is simple, strong, low cost, low maintenance need and therefore the most industrially used engine. Due to advances in electronics it is possible to control the speed of these motors with the aid of frequency inverters. In the stator of the asynchronous AC motor are housed three windings referring to the three phases and these three windings are mounted with a lag of 120º. From the stator winding, the wires for connecting the motor to the mains supply can be in the number of 3, 6, 9 or 12 points.

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