The time limits in which lubrication must be followed may vary directly according to the design of the bearings, in the same way as the properties of the lubricants used. It should be noted that at a temperature of 40 ° C the durability of a continuously running ball bearing can be on average from 3 to 4 years or more. However, for every 10 ° C of working temperature rise the durability will decrease. The lubrication of the bearings, besides allowing a considerably more efficient yield, avoids the increase of the temperature that damages the useful life of these equipments.

It is important to note that the lubrication of the bearings must evaporators be carried out normally with mineral grease. At the time when the operating temperatures are considerably high or the speeds of rotation are above 1,500 rpm, mineral oil must be used for lubrication. These oils need to have lubricating characteristics appropriate to the working conditions. In the case of small power engines, the initial lubrication in the assembly is provided in order to ensure a high number of operating hours. Grease reserve may be sufficient for the entire life of the equipment. On larger engines there is a need for more lubrication.