Sometimes we have industrial and residential facilities where the power is made with two phases or phase-neutral, needing single-phase electric motors. The basic principles of single-phase motors are similar to those of MITs already described in another situation. Since there are only two phases or one phase and one neutral, several techniques are employed to produce the rotating magnetic field required for starting single-phase induction motors.

In this way, we present some techniques and also show that once the rotor of an MIM begins to rotate driven by the rotating field, 92741090 belt  it will remain in operation with the single-phase power supply. The rotor of a MIM is usually of the cage type and there is no physical connection between the rotor and the stator, but with a uniform air gap between them. The stator grooves are generally distributed and since a single-phase winding does not cause spinning field or starting torque, this winding is divided into two parts, each of which is displaced in space and time and usually with different characteristics. Thus we have two coils in parallel, both connected to the same source of alternating current.