the less time
between coats and the longer the paint lasts.
Before painting any surface, make sure it is properly prepared.
Avoid applying products outdoors during rainy periods, when there is
strong wind, under direct sunlight, or when there is water condensation
on the surface.

Never use lime as a paint base. On whitewashing, remove loose or non-
adhering parts, remove the dust and apply, prior to the painting

scheme, a primer coat.
It is not recommended to carry out touch-ups on the painting. In
situations that require refinishing, the entire surface must be repainted.
Before application, mix the product well with a wide and rigid spatula,
until it is perfectly homogenized.
Weston house painters
When applying, spread the product well for greater uniformity, avoiding
excessive paint run-off and deposits. “It is important to use the correct
material so that the painting has durability and is in line with
expectations”, explains Nara Boari, Suvinil’s Product Marketing
Many people mix water in the paint in an attempt to make the material
yield more. But the practice is wrong. “You should not mix water, if the
procedures for using the paint do not ask for it. Mixing water in the
paint, it spoils the paint, it doesn’t work anymore”, teaches the architect
Ana Cristina Tavares, from KTA – Krakowiak & Tavares Arquitetura.