Also give preference to restaurants that have adequate infrastructure to
host a business meeting, such as a prepared and adapted VIP room. After
all, nothing more unpleasant than side conversations disrupting your
meeting, right? Variety of dishes, from the simplest to the most
sophisticated, is an important factor.

Our suggestion is always to opt for places with a refined menu, but which
also offer more traditional meals. As fundamental as the diversity of the
menu is the presentation of the dishes. Try to eat a few times at the chosen
restaurant and try out different dishes, before inviting someone for
So, in addition to attesting to the quality yourself, you’ll have the
confidence to suggest something, if necessary. Good looking, polite and
professional waiters always enchant us; soon, they will delight your guest
too! Go to the restaurant chosen both to taste the dishes and to gain the
sympathy of the waiters, after all, demonstrating a good relationship with
people causes well-being and good impressions.

Specific professionals for more technical roles are also welcome.