Month: May 2021

Electrical Components

Around the year 1820, the Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted could not foresee that by simple experiment could discover a fundamental physical principle for the operation of this type of motor. The scholar passed an electric current, produced by alemite 597 b a normal heap, by a conductor wire, and shortly afterwards, he drew a compass close to the wire. The needle, which acts as a magnetic bar, moved and aligned itself to the wire perpendicularly. For the scientist, the fact confirmed that in the surroundings of the wire existed a magnetic field, that acted on the field of the needle.

It is worth stressing that different electrical components are used every day in the homes and work environment of the entire population. In addition to the appliances considered indispensable, it is extremely important to highlight the importance of other electrical devices, such as elevators, electronic gates of the garages and escalators, for example. In industries, in the past, the evolution of the electric machine was no different. In order to design all these engines, several other components had to be manufactured. Even though large and distinct in appearance, such as a blender, most of them make use of the same basic operating system, which is that of an electric motor, whose main purpose is to transform electrical energy into mechanical.

Step Motor

The step motor is an electric motor used when something has to be precisely positioned, or rotated at an exact angle. As the name says, the stepper motor moves in pitch, that is, it allows you to control your rotation at small angles. Its shaft rotates in strokes MUCFL204 bearings that are controlled by the electronic circuit connected to its input. Typically, pitch motors have windings which, in their simplest form, consist of four coils arranged in the stator at angles of 90 ° relative to one another.

The rotor is a small piece of ferromagnetic material that is a magnet. The stepper motor allows its axis to undergo precise displacements without the need for an external feedback made by some device attached to it. This distinguishes an open system. This open-loop operating characteristic is one of the most important because it allows rotation and stopping at predetermined points. It is necessary for the shaft to rotate a half turn by 180 °, so simply adjust the opening and closing sequence of the logic switches to get the displacement accurately.

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